What happens if I can't come on the day of my usual pick­up ?

Since 2016 we have a members website page where you can create a login and use it to notify us which day and place of pickup you would like. If ever there is a time-conflict, you can switch your pickup day and place on your members webpage account and it will automatically be taken care of. If there is a week you cannot come at all, you can indicate this or send someone else who might enjoy the harvest on your behalf.

What kind of quantities should I expect from the baskets? Is there enough variety and quantity throughout the year?

Generally, and depending how veggie-loving a household is, 2-3 people can eat from one basket per week. We do our best to offer a wide range of fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables, and even flowers all year round. As we are subject to nature and her challenges, the quantities depend on many external factors. Weather conditions and secret snackers (our wild and undocumented animal members) are part of the deal and therefore variations can occur.

Do I need to bring my own basket/bag to the pick-up?

Yes. Bring your own bag or basket to take your share of fruits and vegetables home. Practical Tip: Many of our members bring a series of little reusable bags or containers to collect their harvest - this way heavier harvests like pumpkins don't risk squashing tomatoes or getting mixed up in loose salads.

What happens when I am on holiday, or if i cannot pick up my basket?

If for whatever reason you cannot make it to your pickup, it is up to you to use the app to cancel your basket for the week. Alternatively, you can make arrangements with friends or other members to pick up your basket while you are away - a win win for everyone :)

Do you prepare the baskets for us?

No. We prepare a 'Menu' with the amounts of each fruit and vegetable per member according to that day's harvest. Following the indicated amounts, you get to then select the veggies that catch your eye - you weigh and count your share and voila: your very own basket :)

What if I don't like a specific kind of vegetable in my basket? Or what if I'm allergic to it?

We always have an 'Exchange-Box', into which you can put the veggies you don't want in exchange for something in the box you'd like more of.

What about COVID?

In-line with the precautions set out by the government
to mitigate the spread of Corona to an absolute
minimum, we are taking the following safety
1- All baskets will be prepared by the TERRA team in
advance and according to all the necessary hygienic
measures, namely gloves and these lovely masks (a

huge thank you to Änder for the most stylish masks in
the world)
2 - A limited number of members can approach the
TERRA truck and/or enter the TERRA barn to pick up
their boxes. Other members are invited to wait
patiently, keeping at least 2 m. distance from anyone
3 - Members will only touch the vegetables that are in
their own box and transfer them to their personal
bags/boxes they have brought to collect their harvest
4 - We encourage all vulnerable members to send
someone else to pick up their harvest on their behalf
5 - Please come alone to pick up your harvest at
distributions (avoid bringing your children or any
extra persons)
All these precautions are in place until further notice
and will evolve according to decision by the
government. It is up to all of us to take care of each
other and we are counting on your cooperation. We
sincerely hope to be back to our ‘normal’ pick-ups
soon. Usually pickups are a place of encounter and
exchange, of meeting and sharing, of learning and
community… so that we can go back to that as soon as
possible, let’s follow the guidelines and look forward
to changing times!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to
contact us!