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TERRA is happy to announce internship opportunities for 2024!

Contact us now and get the chance to be part of the core team of TERRA this season!

A unique experience giving you the opportunity to get hands-on practical and theoretical knowledge on all the elements involved in running an ecologically regenerative and economically viable market garden enterprise. From crop-planning and bed-prep to pricing and marketing and everything in between, this internship program offers a concise, guided, deep dive into the whole market gardening experience!

The internship programs run from April through to October and consist of a full immersion into the daily tasks at TERRA as well as participation in the core-team management and decision-making process. Interns are expected to be present 5 eight-hour- days a week as well as occasional weekend events and distributions. Interns are granted days-off just like all other members of the team. TERRA is responsible for providing a wholesome educational setting and guided hands-on experience in a friendly and nurturing environment. No financial remuneration or salary is offered to interns. Most of the vegetable needs of the interns are covered by TERRA as well as their accommodation needs.

Over the past years, our experience with internships has been excellent. Probably the most mutually rewarding experience TERRA has known. We are very happy to see that over 70% of our past interns are now running their own successful enterprises! May you be the next one?


If you are an aspiring vegetable gardener and are excited by this unique opportunity, please send us a motivation letter along with your CV to the email address below.

Limited places available                                  Deadline: November 30th

For more information please contact Marko at or 00352621683509



Want to learn more about hands-on gardening according to permaculture principles at a productive agro-ecological center? Join a growing community of like-minded friendly people? Or just want to get out into the fresh air and be among the plants? We always welcome your help! 

You’re invited every Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. till around 4 pm.

Give Marko (+352 621 683 509) a call in advance to let

us know you’re coming.

Bring work clothes, a snack, and lunch for yourself

& be ready to get your hands dirty :) 


Know you want to be a part of the future of regenerative agriculture? 

TERRA can be the place where you develop your skills to become a conscious, confident, and able gardener. We work together with the Lycée Technique Agricole in Ettelbruck and are always looking for hungry apprentices. 


We begin with a two week trial period prior to making a decision if you are a good fit for the TERRA TEAM. Not only your ability to work well is important, but your values and integration into the group. You will be part of a very small, close-knit and dedicated team and we will ask a lot of you.


The best way to get in touch if you are interested is to reach out to Pit at (+352 661 885 821) to schedule a first meeting. 

WorkWith Us


Inspired by what we do and want to support us financially or with your special skills? Become a Co-Operator by buying shares to TERRA S.C. Each share costs €200. You can buy as many as you like, but no more than a total of the 20% of the existing shares.  


As a Cooperator

  • You can participate in general assemblies 

  • You can be voted into the council 

  • You get up to 5% dividends on your investments

  • You support TERRA’s expansion and investment in gardening materials, greenhouses, compost, trees etc…  





€250/2 hrs 


We are more than happy to share our accumulated knowledge and skills with people that want to learn about vegetable growing. Our fields of expertise are: bio-intensive vegetable growing, permaculture as a system design method and founding/running a CSA (community supported agriculture). 


As we got more and more requests for consultations, we had to start charging.



Are you passionate about vegetable growing? Do you want to get more hands-on experience and take your green thumb to the next level? 

TERRA will train you. Work with us for a minimum of one week during which you will be, according to the season, planting, sowing, harvesting, and learning the ins and outs of running an agro-ecological centre.

If you are already in agricultural school or another programme, we are more than happy to support your training with hands-on experience. Inquire at your school for an Erasmus at TERRA.


... life at TERRA...

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