Want to learn more about hands-on gardening according to permaculture principles at a productive agro-ecological center? Join a growing community of like-minded friendly people? Or just want to get out into the fresh air and be among the plants? We always welcome your help! 

You’re invited every Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. till around 4 pm.

Give Marko (+352 621 683 509) a call in advance to let

us know you’re coming.

Bring work clothes, a snack, and lunch for yourself

& be ready to get your hands dirty :) 


Interested in any WOOFING opportunities?

Please click here or contact Marko directly.


Know you want to be a part of the future of regenerative agriculture? 

TERRA can be the place where you develop your skills to become a conscious, confident, and able gardener. We work together with the Lycée Technique Agricole in Ettelbruck and are always looking for hungry apprentices. 


We begin with a two week trial period prior to making a decision if you are a good fit for the TERRA TEAM. Not only your ability to work well is important, but your values and integration into the group. You will be part of a very small, close-knit and dedicated team and we will ask a lot of you.


The best way to get in touch if you are interested is to reach out to Pit at (+352 661 885 821) to schedule a first meeting. 



Inspired by what we do and want to support us financially or with your special skills? Become a Co-Operator by buying shares to TERRA S.C. Each share costs €200. You can buy as many as you like, but no more than a total of the 20% of the existing shares.  


As a Cooperator

  • You can participate in general assemblies 

  • You can be voted into the council 

  • You get up to 5% dividends on your investments

  • You support TERRA’s expansion and investment in gardening materials, greenhouses, compost, trees etc…  







€200/2 hrs 


We are more than happy to share our accumulated knowledge and skills with people that want to learn about vegetable growing. Our fields of expertise are: bio-intensive vegetable growing, permaculture as a system design method and founding/running a CSA (community supported agriculture). 


As we got more and more requests for consultations, we had to start charging.



At TERRA, everyone can get their hands dirty: sow, plant, weed, harvest and get the opportunity to discover the site. If you are a teacher, an educational group leader or in an association and you would like to come to our garden for some activities, we have several programmes for different age groups, ranging from preschool kids to senior groups.


We organise programs for half a day or a whole day, but also, exciting longer projects that allow you to witness and live the change of the seasons and to really connect with nature. The exact content of the activities depends on the season and the program is designed for each group individually, catering to the age and interests of your group. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can figure out your perfect program! 

Luxembourgish, French, English and German 

Quotation Calculation:

70€/hr for max. 12 people

(+ 1€/1hr/person)

50€ preparation time per workshop

50€ admin fee + 17% TVA  



Are you passionate about vegetable growing? Do you want to get more hands-on experience and take your green thumb to the next level? 

TERRA will train you. Work with us for a minimum of one week during which you will be, according to the season, planting, sowing, harvesting, and learning the ins and outs of running an agro-ecological centre.

If you are already in agricultural school or another programme, we are more than happy to support your training with hands-on experience. Inquire at your school for an Erasmus at TERRA.






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Master the joy and flavours of seasonal cooking with our endlessly talented chef Stéphane Meyer. Throughout 4 specialised workshops, he will whisk you into his culinary world  as he passes on his passion and love for beautiful products and recipes. Together you will prepare 5 vegetarian dishes using fresh produce from TERRA and local businesses, after which you will dine outdoors amongst the flowers and trees. It’s time to indulge your inner chef.   





Welcome to the world of ‘Do-It-Yourself’: where exquisite cuisine meets the zero-waste philosophy of the transition movement. Our chef Stéphane will share tips and tricks to eliminate waste and rediscover how to use your food to its fullest. Because the transition begins at home.  


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