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Partner producers

At TERRA we focus on providing our members with a weekly basket of fresh and delicious veggies grown in our garden. But we realize that our members want more once they are at the pick-up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your fresh weekly produce at the same spot and through your engagement support local producers beyond TERRA?

We have been in close contact with our trusted partner producers to complement the veggie basket with eggs, potatoes and from time to time grapes and wine.

From 2024 on, we are going to take our partnerships further and also include Angus beef, flowers and bread in our selection.

We have carefully selected our local partner producers based on a series of TERRA core values: quality, care of nature and biodiversity, small production and passion for the trade/craft.

You can subscribe to any of these products by adding them as an extra to your member basket on




 To TERRA members, BioScott offers a weekly bread as an extra to the veggie basket for a seasonal fee of 140€.

The bread is delivered to TERRA on the day of the pick-up thus ensuring freshness and quality. The bread is a surprise bread each week (no white bread), about 500gr, uncut. 




‘Fromburg is located in a dreamlike setting at the edge of the Mullerthal nature park. The Fromburg Farm has been in the Weydert family since 1952. Nowadays Jeff runs the farm and has further diversified the activities to include a vegetable garden for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) with self-picking scheme. However, the heart of the farm is a herd of Angus „mother“cows with their offspring. Angus are a meat breed of cows, originally from Scotland.The animals are bred and raised in a natural environment, and are kept on the pasture most time of the year. In the stable, they will eat hay and silage fodder produced on our land. The outstanding quality of Angus meat is well known, and the life of our animals in harmony with nature contributes to the exceptional taste.’

To TERRA members, Jeff offers a monthly Angus meat box with a selection of 4 to 5 of his Angus beef produce for a subscription fee of  430€ for the season.

The idea is that you get to cook with meat once a week and the exact content of the box is a surprise…except for the minced meat that will always be part of the box since everyone loves it! 

Still, to give you an idea of what to expect, here is a list of the produce that you will receive over the season: minced Angus meat (2x500g), Angus steak (500g), sausages (5), Angus burgers (2x2), Angus roast (750g), paté, cooking meat  etc. 

Except for the Lyoner and other sausages, the meat is 100% Angus beef from Fromburger Haff.

You are going to receive your surprise Angus meat box once per month from May until November, seven boxes in total. The exact dates of the meat box deliveries will appear in your calendar on 

The meat (other than Lyoner or dried sausages and pâté) comes frozen, so please make sure to bring an insulated bag on the days of the meat box deliveries. 

If you cannot pick up your veggie basket on the week of the meat box distribution, make sure that you send us an email with a special mention and the date of the pick-up on which you wish to receive your meat box instead (again, make sure you bring an insulated bag).


‘In March 2018 Botanika was created by Kate in Hobscheid. Kate started with a 2000m2 field full of sand ! She grows edible flowers, cut flowers, herbs, dried flowers and more with a ‘no dig’ method. Her products are seasonal and never treated with pesticides or nasties. She is committed to spreading the word about seasonality to the world.’’

Kate offers small seasonal flower bouquets (25 stems) to TERRA members for a subscription fee of 220€ for 10 weeks of bouquets. The flowers will be with your veggie basket every two weeks from beginning of May until beginning of October (4 week break from end of July until last week of August, for exact dates of delivery check you member calendar).

Please beware that if you have the flower subscription and change your week of pick-up, your flower bouquet of that week will be lost, since we cannot store your flowers for a week!! It is okay however to move your basket in the same week of distribution: you can change your Tuesday basket to the Saturday of the same week, or the Saturday basket to the previous Tuesday.

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 18.29.00.jpeg
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 15.39.22.png


‘Christian’s farm is a prime example of organic farming with hen houses and pastures where the chicken can peck away and have a quiet life. What's more, they are fed 100% organic food consisting of grain, mostly grown on the farm, with no chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, pesticides or GMOs.’

Christian Wilhelm has been providing high quality eggs for TERRA members since 2016.

Christian offers a weekly provision of eggs which you can order as an extra to your basket (1 box a week/6 eggs = 100€ for the season). His eggs can also be bought on the spot for 3.2€.


In 2001 Mario Kleer decided to go professional and organic. Today he has a diverse farm focusing on eggs and field vegetables such as cabbages and potatoes, moreover his farm is self-sustained and has won the BIO-Agrar Präiss in 2013 for autonomous feed production. Mario Kleer only sees a future for his farm as an organic farm and loves what he does.  For TERRA members he provides his best potatoes .



Photogaphy Michele


Since TERRA's founding in 2014, Michèle Conrad-Betz joyfully accompanies and documents the Eicherfeld agricultural cooperative with her camera – her black king poodle Majka always by her side. Michèle loves participating in lively exchanges with TERRA's young team. She encourages them with a kind word, a doctor';s educated optimism, and occasionally... spoils them with a homemade cake. Above all, Michèle Conrad knows that TERRA's garden is a large playground: she spends hours with her camera, crouching somewhere in the grass, immersed in amazement as microcosms of soil, leaf, branch, water, light and air energetically form, flutter, sway, filter, glitter and flow. She uses the camera as a magnifying glass to observe the insect world... capturing and sharing moments of the connected life. Not only fragile elements stand strong in front of her lens; vegetables and work processes are also snapped. Michèle Conrad is a keen observer and storyteller. Sometimes poetic, sometimes mischievous... her pictures are above all precious documents as TERRA develops.


Over the course of a long career as a qualified chef de cuisine, Stéphane Meyer has cooked in Michelin-starred restaurants and high-end establishments in Luxembourg. After meeting TERRA’s farmers at a beekeeping course in 2016, and foraging through their initial harvests, he offered his wife a deal she could not refuse: he would take over the cooking and daily household chores in order to partner with TERRA in new endeavors. Stéphane broke out of his hectic everyday life, and teaches students of all ages plant recognition, basket weaving, blacksmithing and much more. New generations learn culinary skills, harvesting techniques and foraging wisdom in courses on wild herbs, seasonal veggies, lacto-fermentation and conservation. Stéphane will always surprise you with inspired experiments and original ideas. He knows the history behind the plants! Would you transform carrot greens in a delicious spread? Try it! Savour his two-year aged herbal vinegars, seasonal herb-mixes, delicious teas and dried vegetable bouillon. These products are all sold to support TERRA. Stéphane also helps out as a volunteer in the garden. Always joyful, he is a big inspiration…initiating many into forgotten gardens, nature and traditions.



Ulla Müller is active in Luxembourg's Food-Saving initiatives, and also helps once a week as a volunteer in TERRA’s fields. She became interested in Food-Saving when she could not help but notice how much good food goes to waste, because people do not enjoy harvest-access to bountiful fruit and vegetables. Her project “Deelen am Duerf” in Steinsel is a natural outcome of this insight. Ulla started to “rescue” fruit initially in her own garden, and made them into jams and jellies. Then, she gleaned fruit from TERRA's orchard-trees and fruit-bushes. Ulla produces small-batch, reduced sugar, traditional jams made from local seasonal fruits including raspberries, rhubarb, and plums…plus jellies from quinces. For those with more adventurous palates: try her porto-plum jams, and quince jellies with chilli, rum and cinnamon. If you are lucky, you may occasionally find a jar of cherry jam with a bit of mint, and pear with ginger available for sale. All her jams are produced with 50% less sugar than conventional offerings. She offers her jams for sale to TERRA members once a month. You can find her at TERRA's Bonnevoie and Eicherfeld pickup locations, usually on the first Tuesday and Saturday of the month, from April through November. Ulla's jam and jellies sales support TERRA’s ongoing farming activities – and the feedback of the members to her products is unrivaled: simply the BEST jam ever.

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