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At TERRA we focus on providing our members with a weekly basket of fresh and delicious veggies grown in our garden. But we realize that our members want more once they are at the pick-up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your fresh weekly produce at the same spot and through your engagement support local producers beyond TERRA?

We have been in close contact with our trusted partner producers to complement the veggie basket with eggs, potatoes and from time to time grapes and wine.

From 2024 on, we are going to take our partnerships further and also include Angus beef, flowers and bread in our selection.

We have carefully selected our local partner producers based on a series of TERRA core values: quality, care of nature and biodiversity, small production and passion for the trade/craft.

You can subscribe to any of these products by adding them as an extra to your member basket on

‘BioScott is an organic and artisanal bakery and pastry shop founded in 1983 by Frank Obertin, who chose to make natural sourdough bread. Our products are certified organic and have the label of origin “MADE IN LUXEMBOURG“.
To this day, our bakers use the same strain of sourdough as well as certified organic flours home-grown in Luxembourg. Our own stone-grinding mill enables us to grind our wholemeal flours in-house. Today, Bakhaus employs 15 artisan bakers, all of whom are passionate and dedicated to their craft.’

To TERRA members, Bakhaus offers a weekly bread as an extra to the veggie basket for a seasonal fee of xxx€

The bread is delivered to TERRA on the day of the pick-up thus ensuring freshness and quality. The bread is a surprise bread each week (no white bread), about 500gr, uncut.


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