CSA Members

Being a member at TERRA is great! Here's why:


  1. You are part of Luxembourg’s first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative and support a local agriculture that cares for both the people and the planet by creating a resilient and regenerative way of growing food.

  2. You get a share of fresh, naturally grown fruits and vegetables every week!

  3. You get to attend our workshops and seminars at a reduced price and you can participate in other events and festivities organised by TERRA throughout the year.

  4. You are part of a community of people who care about where their food comes from and actively participate in increasing food sovereignty and resilience in Luxembourg!


Become a member and be part of the transition towards a better world!



Our Pick-Up points



Tuesdays: 17:00-19:00, Eicherfeld

Tuesdays: 17:00-19:00, Carré (Luxembourg-Hollerich)

Saturdays: 10:00-12:00, Place Léon XIII(Luxembourg -Bonnevoie)

You can create new pick­up spots by organizing with members who live in your area !



Become a member

Becoming a member gives you the right to your weekly share of fresh fruits and vegetables during the harvest season. You will get around 8-12 different varieties per basket.


If you have to feed many hungry mouths in your household/family please consider signing up for two (or more) memberships or maybe share a 2nd membership with a friend.


Please note that TERRA gives membership priority to cooperators in order to encourage members to identify and support TERRA on all levels, such as long term investments (greenhouses, irrigation system etc.) made possible through cooperators shares.


The season is going to start as soon as the fields are ready for their first harvest in spring (around April-May) and end with the last harvests sometime in December.


If the price of the membership is a problem for you, please contact us and we are going to try to find a solution together. It is clear to us that healthy, local food produced in harmony with nature is not a privilege of the well-off.

We give our members the possibility to complement the content of their weekly basket with 'extra' products, such as eggs and potatoes. We buy these from local producers that we trust. Click here to meet our partner producers! 




Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can't come on the day of my usual pick­up ?

Since 2016 we have an application allowing you to choose your day and place of pickup all by yourself! And if there is a week you cannot come at all, you can also send someone else to pick up your basket for you or share it with someone else who might be happy about it. 


How much quantity should I expect from one basket? Is there enough variety and quantity throughout the year?

The quantity of the basket depends on many external factors. First of all there are weather conditions and pest management. Therefore variations can occur. But you should expect a sharing for 2 to 3 people a week with one basket. We do our best to offer a wide range of fresh, seasonal fruit and veg all year round. 


Do I need to bring my own basket/bag to the pick-up?

Yes. Bring your own bag or basket to place your share of fruits and vegetables.

Many of our members bring a series of little bags to put their veggies, which is very practical!


What happens when I am on holiday, or if i cannot pick up my basket?

It is up to you to make arrangements with friends or other members to pick up your basket while you are away.


Do you prepare the baskets for us?

No, we write the equivalent amounts of each fruit and vegetable depending on your basket, and it is then up to you to weigh or count your share and prepare your basket.


What if I don't like a specific kind of vegetable in my basket? Or what if I'm allergic to it? 

There is an exchange-box, in which you can put the veggies you don't want and take other ones instead.


Call us:

Marko:  +352621683509

Pit:         +352661885821

Sophie: +352661303492 (adm.)

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