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Become a member by paying an annual membership of 840,00€

With that, you will get your even share of the weekly harvests. There are usually between 8-12 vegetbale types per harvest. Depending on thze weather, we will harvest every week from end of april until december. We will let you know when the harvests start and end. We will bring the harvest to 3 different pick up points and we will stay there during 2 hours:

Tuesdays from 17:00-19:00: Eicherfeld and Hollerich

Saturdays 10:00-12:00: Bonnevoie

For Eicherfeld: please use rue des Sept Arpents to drive up to our barn

For Hollerich: the distribution is on the parking lot as you drive onto the property

For Bonnevoie: we will be on place Léon XIII

Please bring a big bag and a few smaller bags or tupperwears for the loose leafy greens. 

We will set the vegetables up so you can help yourself according to what is written on the menu..

We make our best to fill up your basket with beautiful and abundant vegetables. But the harvests are alway subject to the weather conditions. The baskets can be very full at some points of the years, other weeks it might seem a bit smaller, asweatehr conditions at one point of the season can have consquences on the harvests months later.

We don't reimbourse if the basket isn't very full or even cancelled, as we don't ask you to pay more if the basket is very full either.

The idea is that with your annual contribtion, you allow us to cultivate beautiful vegetablea all year long. As such, we don't calculate a price per vegetable, but you can be sure that you will get the value you payed for over the whole season.

become a cooperator to support us:


If you like what we do and would like to support us financially and/or with your special skills, you can become a cooperator by buying shares to TERRA S.C.

Each share costs 200,00€. You can buy as many shares as you like, but not more then a total of 20% of the existing ones.

As a cooperator, you can participate at the general assemblies

you can be voted into the council 

you can get up to 5% dividents of your investment.

With that money we invest into things like: bigger gardening material that we keep longer, compost, trees... 

bacome a volunteer:


If you would like to learn more about gardening and/or help us physically in the garden you can do so. Just give us a call the day before. Usually we take volunteers from tuesday to friday from 9 am on. Bring work clothes and a snack. 

You can as well help us during the distribution on tuesdays in eicherfled or on saturdays in Bonnevoie. That way, you will get a hands on experience in a market situation and you will get to know many of the other members (plus you'll get a good share of the surplus vegetables)

offer / order

If you run a shop or a restaurant, you can get our high quality vegetables as well. We will put you on our mailing list and send you an offer every week for the followinjg week. 

We harvest every tuesday and friday and can deliver every wednesday and saturday morning. The cnditions are that the order is minimum 100,00€ and that you are in and around Luxembourg city. If you are not in the city or if your order is smaller than 100,00€ we can still harvest for you, but you need to come and get the order yourself at the garden.

We need to get your order latest on monday or thursday evening, so we can handle the harvest properly. You can either send the order by e-mail, or via Whatsapp to Pit on +352661885821

flat rate

Anoter offer we have is the bulk delivery. you pay us a limp sum of 200,00€/month and we bring you all the surplus either wednesday or saturday morning during our harvest season. It will be a surprise each time, but you will always have amazing quality fresha nd seasonal vegetables, assorted in a way that is useful for your restaurant or your shop.

consultation visit

200.00 / 2 hours

We are more than happy to share our accumulated knowledge and skills with people that want to learn about vegetable growing. Our fields of expertise are: bio-intensive vegetable growing, permaculture as a system design method, starting and running a CSA.

Our time is precious, as is yours. As we got more and more requests to share our skills, we had to start charging money for that and limit it to 2 ours at a time.

But in those 2 hours, you will have our full attention and you can ask anything you want. We will make our best to answer all your questions to our best knowledge.

educational activities

If you are a teacher, an educational group leader or in an association and you would like to come to our garden for some activities, we have several programmes for different age groups, from preschool kids to senior groups. 

Write a mail to Sophie on to get a quotation adapted to your group.


Are you passionate about vegetable growing? Do you want to get more hands-on experience? 

You can come to TERRA for a training of minimum 1 week. Work with us in the garden. We'll be planting, sowing, harvesting or other things, depending on the season.

As well, if you are already in an agricultural school or another training programme, we are more than happy to welconme you for a training.


We work together with the Lycée Technique Agricole in Ettelbruck and are happy to take apprentices. If you are interested in that, we would like to work with you during a training of at least two weeks at TERRA prior to taking a decision. 

You will be part of a small dedicated team and we will ask a lot of you. Not only your ability to work well is important, but aas well your integration into the team and your values. The best way to get in touch for that, is to first call Pit to ask for a first appointment.


Call us:

Marko:  +352621683509

Pit:         +352661885821

Sophie: +352661303492 (adm.)

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