Permaculture Design Course

1weekend/month, Oct-Mar


This 72 hour certified course gives an in-depth practical and theoretical understanding of the Permaculture Ethics and Principles.

The art of scything Workshop

A one day workshop providing you with the skills to mow your lawn efficiently, cost effectively and without the use of fossil fuels, with the art of Scything.


Learn the proper techniques, how to adjust the scythe to your size and build aswell as how to maintain or repair your scythe!

Portail-ouvert/ Open Gate Day

28th Sep 2014

Join us for a fun day of Sauerkraut making on the field!


Compost Toilet Design and Implementation Workshop

​Save water and turn your waste into valuable organic matter - simply, safely and sustainably.

Beehive at TERRA

More info soon

How to build a clay oven


Building with clay is not only a locally available, sustainable alternative to conventional building material, it is also great fun!!


Polytunnel Installation

4th May 2014


​Our 24x7 metre brand new polytunnel will be arriving from England in the next weeks. We need a team of people to help out with constructing and placing TERRA's new polytunnel! Contact us if you are interested!

Introduction to Permaculture

21-22 June 2014

Beckerich- Eicherfeld


A two-day practical workshop covering the design principles and ethics of Permaculture.


The art of Compost Workshop

Saturday 30th August


Learn how to team with microbes and create one of the most valuable assets in your garden - living compost.

Portail-ouvert/ Open Gate Day

25 May 2014


Une petite porte ouverte informelle, ramenez des plats pour partager

Small informal open doors day, bring food to share with everyone

Vegetable Gardening

5th July 2014


Always wanted to grow some of your own vegetables or herbs? This workshop gives you the theory and practice of how to succesfully grow your own vegetables! Everyone is welcome, no prior experience necessary!

Introduction à la Permaculture

20-21 Septembre 2014

TERRA Eicherfeld


Un atelier pratique pour introduir  les principes de la Permaculture



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