Gain the necessary skills to begin designing regenerative and abundant landscapes and learn how to make ecologically responsible decisions to help build a diverse, resilient and environmentally conscious future for yourself and your community. With tuition from a diverse team of local permaculture educators and designers and the chance to observe and learn by visiting different demonstration site in the Luxembourg Greater Region, this is your opportunity to obtain an accredited Permaculture Design Course (PDC) certificate and kickstart your Permaculture journey.


Subjects Covered: 

  • Observations and Patterns

  • Principles and Ethics of Permaculture

  • Zone and Sector Analysis

  • Soils, Plants, and Trees

  • Guilds and Polycultures

  • Water and Earthworks

  • Utilizing Micro-climates

  • Designing with Succession in Mind

  • Designing for Different Climatic Zones

  • Aquaculture

  • Eco-Building

  • Energy

  • Household Level Permaculture Design

  • Garden Management

  • Small-Farm Strategies

  • Large-Farm Possibilities

  • Creating Real Abundance

  • Urban and Suburban Permaculture

  • International Implications

  • Starting a Permaculture Business

  • Social Permaculture

  • Organisational Permaculture

  • Social Movements for Change

  • Building Authentic and Lasting Community


Where: TERRA Eicherfeld, CELL Beckerich, CELL Beggen and field trips


When: 6 full weekends: 15.-16.10., 12.-13.11., 10.-11.12.2016, 

14.-15.1., 11.-12.2. & 11.-12.3.2017


Price*: 850 € / 800 € for early birds before 1st of September


Language: English


  • -10% for CELL & TERRA members & cooperators


Cours de Design en Permaculture 2016


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