Since early 2014, the people of TERRA have been busy preparing the soil at a beautiful 1.5 hectare orchard in the Eicherfeld, just 10 minutes away from Luxembourg City.


A wide range of traditional varieties of fruit trees, perfectly spaced at 10m apart, allow for rows of perennial and annual vegetables, herbs and beneficial flowers to be cultivated in-between, thus creating a resilient and diverse agricultural system that mimics the balance and biodiversity found in a natural ecosystem.


The produce is then distributed directly to our members through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) scheme and therefore bypasses the need for wholesalers and eliminates the financial and environmental costs involved in importing food from far away.

Rather than paying a fixed price per kilo, members pay for the service of agriculture in advance and therefore enable the producer to plan ahead as well as minimise the waste of production.


TERRA also gives the opportunity to members to connect with where their food comes from and the people that produced it. A variety of workshops, seminars, festivities and other events allow for a truly participatory experience that creates a new social cohesion around our most essential need: FOOD!




Sophie studied Agroecology and wanted to work in a land based initiative. She is one of the co-founders of TERRA

tel: +352 661303492 

Admin & education

Sophie Pixius


After trying different other careers, Pit decided to become a vegetable gardener. He then became a co-founder of TERRA

tel: +352 661885821

Head gardener

Pit Reichert

Thierry is into nature and gets excited about life cycles. He is very happy to know that his work feeds a community of people that surround us. 

Horticultural apprentice

Thierry Hinck

Aftrer a long career as a chef, Stéphane decided to take more time  to share his passion for cooking with amazing products. You can see a glimpse of his sunshine personality here

Cooking classes

Stéphane Meyer


Marko worked on permaculture farms for several years before becoming a co-founder of TERRA. He's the glue that keeps TERRA together

tel: +352 621683509


Marko Anyfandakis


Christiane joined TERRA as Pit's apprentice in 2015. She is currently travelling the world's farms, before coming back in spring 2020. 

Here you can follow her adventures


Christiane Walerich

You can join our team as a volunteer or an apprentice. If you like, you can come once a month, once a week or every day. Don't hesitate to give Pit, Marko or Sophie a ring for more info

Volunteer /Apprentice


Call us:

Marko:  +352621683509

Pit:         +352661885821

Sophie: +352661303492 (adm.)

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